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  She asserts that women can no longer “be brow-beaten into subjugation or bondage” that they “have a voice and a claim, and must have the confidence to know their worth.” As a poet she gives voice to issues concerning women, including motherhood.
Message The launching ceremony of Henna Babar Ali’s book “Dream and Reality” was held Saturday at Ali Auditorium in Ali Institute of Education. Begum Anees Majid Khan was the chief guest, while Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Bano Qudsia, Dr Anees Nagi, Dr Javed iqbal, Qazi Javed, Shahnawaz Zaidi and a large number of people were also present on the occasion.
Guest Book Review The Luminous Path
  In fact the devotional poems, which form a major part of this collection and which, according to the poet, point to “her journey towards God,” appear more meaningful when read in continuation of her love poems. When taken together these poems present an example of how a love experience transforms at times into a religious experience and how, in consequence, genuinely written love poems find their sublimation in devotional  poetry. To be more precise, these delicately written poems tell the sad story of a forlorn soul, who being betrayed in her experience of love tries to find solace in the beneficent folds of that Supreme Being, who is always kind enough:
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