In fact the devotional poems, which form a major part of this collection and which, according to the poet, point to "her journey towards God," appear more meaningful when read in continuation of her love poems. When taken together these poems present an example of how a love experience transforms at times into a religious experience and how, in consequence, genuinely written love poems find their sublimation in devotional  poetry. To be more precise, these delicately written poems tell the sad story of a forlorn soul, who being betrayed in her experience of love tries to find solace in the beneficent folds of that Supreme Being, who is always kind enough:
So it is not devotional poetry written in a traditional way. Being with God is the most wonderful feeling. Here is an attempt to express in words that most wonder feeling, which is nearer to a mystical experience.  The expression is easy and simple. There seems to be no attempt to say things in a poetic way. This feeling  has its own poetry. It doesn't stand in need of a cultivated poetic style.

  Review by Dr. Amjad Parvez

Henna Babar Ali's poem 'Serenity' is a typical example of her inkling towards Sufism. She says that God has made His special space in her that nurtures and surrounds her. In the process what people say matters a little. In this regard Henna's poems are a way forward for the English speaking nations or for those who are easy to comprehend the substance in this language. Henna's poems gives Sufi touch in her poems that are a source of soul searching for such people. In her poem 'Friendship and Unity' (page 127) she informs that she did not realize when her love for God started. She expresses this bond in the words.

"The bonding links your soul to mine
and mine to yours
folds me in caring warmth
pampers and elates my spirit".

Henna gives all credit to the Almight God for His blessings and she possesses the sensitivity to express it as opposed to an ordinary person who can appreciate the beauty of God but is unable to express it. She says in the next Stanza

"God is caring
and merciful
He gives us respite
from heat
a chance to reflect about
what we do and think
about what we need
to do to please Him."

The conclusion comes in a natural flow as a small gesture of the Almighty makes an ordinary person think on the lines to repay Him for His mercy. It is a gift a God again that a person whose mother tongue is not English has a natural and smooth flow of  sentiments and emotions as is seen in Henna. She has felt spiritual presence umpteen times. In her poem titled 'Spiritual Presence' she says

"in close of my dreams
/the pages fold and new
ones emerge brushed with
strokes of friendship
eyes close, the awareness
of distance jades
suddenly the wind brings the warmth
of your presence and comfort melt into silence
…..there is nothing to touch and see
as our souls interact and the void of separation
fills with the sweet music of togetherness
to know, feel and cherish in silence."