The launching ceremony of Henna Babar Ali's book "Roshan Kinara " was held on Saturday 28th November 2010 at Ali Auditorium in Ali Institute of Education. Madam Zillehuma was the chief guest,

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The launching ceremony of Henna Babar Ali's book "Dream and Reality" was held on Saturday at Ali Auditorium in Ali Institute of Education. Begum Anese Majid Khan was the chief guest, while Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Bano  Qudsia, Dr Anees Nagi, Dr Javed iqbal, Qazi Javed, Shahnawaz Zaidi and a large number of people were also present on the occasion. Henna babar Ali is a mature writer. Her two books "Wet Sun" and  "Midnight Dialogue" were  published in 1983 and 1989 respectively. The author has captured the sting of reality weaving a web of deep spiritual sustenance around it, as she rambles through the feelings of love, haunting  memories, crescendo hopes, blissful aspirations, hurtling Disappointments, Spiritual Elevation then once again dejection, thus returning again and again to the habitat of spiritual sanctuary and the sublime state of Sufism. We need to dream if we are to survive in the theatre of life as dream is our sustenance for survival  against the harshness of reality. I commend the writer. Speaking  on the occasion, Begum Anese Majid Khan said the poems were mingled in the labyrinth of love and intense sensitivity, yet the author could not  be classified as only a romantic poet for she had full command over the language that flowed with hamony having an insight into the reality. It is not the poems that stir sensitivity, but the truth that reveals the many facets of the author herself, she added. She said the writer passed through her meandering submissions, presenting the multi-facet concepts of her emotional involvement and analytic understanding of situations. She portrays the vast dimensions of not only her emotional and spiritual experiences, but also  her political awareness, her courage, as she pens her poetry in a rare style that conveys her analytic mind and ability, combined with a sincere forth-righteous  delivery, she added. To enjoy and appreciate "Dream and Reality", she said one must strip the outer bark to uncover and observe the finer marketing's that are ingrained in good quality wood which in itself is a beauty to behold. She said the author was fast moving into the arena of consistent mystic involvement with a higher spiritual concept of divinity. Shoaib Mir introduced the author and her book "Dream and Reality" while Shafiq Naz gave his comments on the book. Henna Babar Ali, the author, also read her poems on the occasion.


The 22nd Bolan Aacademy  Awards 2002 were held under the aegis of Bolan Cultural Society at Alhamra Hall-1 on Wednesday, Federal information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad was the chief guest. The Bolan cultural Society gave away awards to the best performers in different categories of film, stage and television while special awards were also given to the figures who made outstanding achievements in different  fields of life.  Syeda Henna Babar Ali received the award for  best English poet for her book Dream and Reality.



Syeda Henna Babar Ali was awarded the prestigious Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Medal in March 2007 by Governor Khalid Maqbool for her contribution to literature in Pakistan.